Friday, June 12, 2009

Death to Potatoes

Potatoes for Votes? or Angels?Was this a true act in populism, or a complete sham?

So I guess those "rumors" that we were supposed to ignore are that the elections have been rigged. Now many Rumors are indeed running around.........

Mobile phone txt messaging service was cut off last night, many websites and newspapers blocked...the reformists are disputing the outcome. Now we wait to see how far they take the dispute, and how the people will stand behind them - unfortunately it is much more difficult to take a stand in defiance, than in peace. I've heard that Moussavi is supposed to speak in a few hours, but so far we can't get much info from National TV here.

Everyone is shocked, so far eerily quietly and grave. A sort of sad humor lingers around.  I've heard some mumblings displaying the sudden change in mood:

"People were tricked into coming out and voting. It was all planned. The ballot boxess were ready from the beginning."

"Democracy is a lie."

"Everyone voted for Moussavi!! ...but the 'angels' came and voted too (for A.N.)!"

and so on...

So it seems, the people came out, for their country, in an attempt to make a change, peacefully and within the law. They voted in record numbers, people who had never voted in their lives or at least in the life of this regime, in Iran and around the world. Only for this to happen.

Some good updates here at Guardian's live blog


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Hi Hairy, hope you'll have time to blog again soon...