Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dirt and Dust? or a Sea of Green?

I wrote this piece for The National (Abu Dhabi newspaper), it came out in yesterday's paper

Ahmadinejad referred to them as "dirt and dust" but they took the insult and re-appropriated it. Yes, we are dirt and dust, they say. Watch this storm we breed.

You can not dangle the word "democracy" in front of people, and expect that they don't demand it.

During the day they take to the streets in "silent" rally. "Turn off your TVs", turn off the lies. "Silence will win against bullets" their banners say, what they cannot utter. In the night, they cry their anger and passion from the satellite strewn rooftops and window sills, where dust still collects.  And the ants continue their march to my pale blue bathroom sink.

Last night, until dawn, the mass call to prayer "Allah Akbar" was louder and more powerful than all preceding. It is a call to prayer, but also a call saying Listen! Listen to the injustice.

Today there is to be yet another sea of green in the broken streets of Iran's cities - despite the leader's recent callous, and threatening statement.

We are all praying for our brothers and sisters in Iran, that they may keep their strength throughout this battle for justice, and for their voices to be heard.

"We are Dirt and Dust?!"




Layla said...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

I was really waiting for your comment on the situation in iran.

Actually I have serbian roots and your analysis (about serbia) made me a lot of laughter...I definitly agree with you...


Anonymous said...


bezar yeki ham farsi barat benevise !!

blog basafa va zibayi dari

az iranam hich nemishe goft joz ye boghz...

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